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Jesus Is my Good Shepherd and None Other
Apr. 26, 2015
Jesus is our true Good Shepherd. He guides and protects us. He even gave up His life for us. And then He rose from the dead so that He could continue to guide and protect us until we reach our home with Him in heaven.
"Salvation for All" Is No Secret
Jan. 7, 2007
God has not kept secret the fact that salvation is for all people. Age, race, and gender are not factors in salvation, because everybody is saved by faith in Jesus. We should not keep the good news of our salvation a secret, but instead tell everyone.
Jun. 15, 2014
When you are searching for answers to life, where do you search? Have you tried the Bible?
A Caricature of Jesus' Kingship
Mar. 21, 2012
  • Painted with strokes of indignities rather than with brushes
  • Patiently endured by the Son of Man
A Child's Obedience
Mar. 11, 2012
  • The threat
  • The promise
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